Manually add text content items

The Text data source allows you to manually add text content items to your content repository. This is often useful if you would like add specific content that is not publicly accessible. Also, it's useful to add specific content items to correct any information or answers the LLM (Large Language Model) get's wrong.

LLM's are prone to "hallucinate" information very confidently it does not know the answer, or have enough context to determine the correct answer. The text data source allows you to check the transcript logs and correct any answers the LLM got wrong.

Adding text items

Once you've added the Text data source to your list of data sources in the OpenAI integration, you can start adding individual text items.

  • In the text data source form click the + Add text item button.
  • This will present at a form where you can add the content text as well as provide a source link.

  • You can continue adding multiple content items in the data source form
  • Note, the text data source form limits you to adding 5 text items, if you would like to add more items you'll need to do this directly from the Content tab.
  • Click Import text items.
    • This will chunk and index your text items that will be used to in the LLM prompt template to add context to the answer questions accurately.

Adding text items from the Content tab

The text data source form allows you to quickly add text items, but mainly to allow you to add text items quickly and thus is limited to 5 text items. If you would like add more than 5 text items, you will need to add them from the Content tab.

  • From the OpenAI integration page, click on the Content tab.
  • This will list all your imported content items across all your data sources. This forms your "content repository" that is used by the question component to provide context to the LLM prompt.
  • From the Data source drop down, select you text data source.
  • Click + Add item

  • This will open a drawer that will allow you to manually add text items.

  • You'll notice that the content drawer allows you to add multiple sections, generally you only need one section, but sometimes it's helpful to split logically related text into separate sections.
  • Once you've added you text content, click the Save button at the bottom right of the drawer.
  • After saving the item you need to index it, click the Index item button.
    • This will only index the single item, if you're adding many items, you can index them all by going to the text data source form and doing the following:
      • Click the More drop down.
      • Click Re-index text items.