Multiple agents


  1. “Export as Zip” your existing Dialogflow agent from “Export and Import”
  2. Copy the zip file into your bot source code and commit to your source control (GitHub, etc.)
  3. [Optional] unzip the agent, so that you can edit the training data in your IDE
  4. Create a new Dialogflow agent to be used by the 2nd developer
  5. “Restore from Zip” from the “Export and Import” tab
  6. Test the new agent using the Dialogflow simulator
  7. Export your DialogFlow key as JSON
  8. Paste the JSON key to your vault (recommended) and upload using meya vault upload --file vault.secret.yaml
  9. Reference the vault key in your Dialogflow integration setting
  10. Push the updates to your app meya push
  11. Test that the Meya bot works with the DialogFlow agent

Export existing Agent as ZIP


Copy ZIP to source code


Create a new Dialogflow agent


Restore from ZIP


Download DialogFlow JSON key

Add JSON Key to vault


Reference vault value in integration