Orb Mobile

How to set up an Orb Mobile integration

The Orb is Meya’s own frontend integration for your conversational app. Its customization options allow it to blend in with your website, SaaS platform, or web app. It contains dozens of beautifully-designed UI elements out of the box. And if you prefer to design your own custom UI from scratch, you can build a custom solution using the Orb’s powerful event-based architecture.


  1. In your app’s root folder, create a folder called integration/orb/. Inside the integration/orb/ folder, create a file called mobile.yaml. Copy this code into the file:
type: meya.orb.mobile.integration

Save the file and push it to the Grid using these commands in your terminal:

meya format
meya push
  1. In your browser, navigate to your app's console. Click the Settings tab and copy your app ID.

  2. The integration ID will be dot path of the integration file, for example, in this case the file path is integration/orb/mobile.yaml so the dot path will be integration.orb.mobile.

  3. Paste the app ID and integration ID into your Android/iOS Orb connection code:

  1. By default push notifications are not enabled. See the following guides to enable push notifications