Getting Started

Welcome to Meya, a platform for building advanced conversational user experiences. What makes the Meya platform unique is the following:

  • Express complex flows with a very simple and intuitive bot flow language called BFML;
  • Allows deep customization with custom triggers, components, and integrations written in Python;
  • Provides many built-in integrations allowing you to quickly connect and automate flows across many external systems.

Meya is also both a bot development framework (check out the Meya SDK), as well as a hosting platform to enable you to build and deploy your conversational apps.

As a hosting platform, Meya provides simple and transparent, usage based pricing (check out the pricing page), allowing you to start small, at a low cost, and scale up according to your user traffic, with great volume discounts 🙌🏻.

If you've not done so yet, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to start building with Meya: Sign up


Our documentation is divided into two main categories:

  1. Guides: which walk you through concepts, tutorials, and detailed set up instructions.
  2. Reference: which covers the technical details of all the core elements and entries that you will use in BFML to implement your bot flows.

If you're new to Meya, we highly recommend you start with the app tutorial, or you can just dive into the documentation and get going.

Your first Meya app

Check out the app tutorial, which walks you through creating a 🍕 Pizza Bot!

Starter apps

There’s no need to start with a blank canvas. We’ve created a number of starter apps to demonstrate different features of the platform.

  • Hello World App: A very basic app you can use as a starting point for a new project.
  • Demo App: Examples of almost every feature Meya has to offer.
  • Front App: A simple starter app for the Front customer support platform.
  • Zendesk App: A simple app showcasing integration with the Zendesk customer support platform.
  • Twilio Flex App: A simple app showcasing integration with the advanced Twilio Flex customer support platform.

Learn the basics

By now, you have checked out one or two starter apps. Hopefully, you experimented by making a few changes to them, too. Now it’s time to learn the core concepts of app building and Meya’s simple Bot Flow Markup Language (BFML). Once you have a handle on BFML, you’ll appreciate how fast it makes coding complex workflows.

Suggested reading

  • BFML: overview of how flows work in Meya.
    • App structure: summary of an app's file structure.
    • Flows: the anatomy of a typical bot flow in BFML.
    • Triggers: how your bot reacts to external and internal events.
    • Components: the elements that allow your bot to display output and process user input.
    • Template syntax: the advanced template system to evaluate and render data in BFML.
  • Data Scopes: the bot's database (or memory 🧠).


Connecting your app to your business systems and other third-party platforms is possible with Meya’s robust integration ecosystem.

Meya integrates with many platforms out-of-the-box (with new ones continually being added). Whether you need NLU, customer support, event booking, voice, analytics, or more, we have you covered. Check out the full list here.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. With the Meya platform, building new integrations is straightforward.

Keep exploring

Now that you know the basics, continue to unlock your app’s full potential by learning more advanced concepts, tips, and tricks. It’s all here in our documentation!

Suggested reading

  • BFML UI Components
    • Buttons and Quick Replies : how to use buttons and quick replies to help users navigate through flows.
    • Tiles: how to use tile cards to display data to a user.
    • Rating: use the rating card to track NPS, CSAT or resolution rates.
    • Widgets & Pages: build advanced form wizards to capture and validate user input.
  • Advanced BFML
    • Custom components : build your own components using Python.
    • Custom Python dependencies: add your own Python libraries, or even Linux system dependencies that you need in your custom components, triggers or integrations.

Useful links

  • Console: Login and start building
  • Blog: Deep dive into the world of CX Automation
  • Twitter: Follow us to keep up with the latest
  • YouTube: We regularly post video to help with your CX automation journey
  • Updates: An up to date changelog of regular updates to our platform
  • GitHub: includes examples, templates and source code
  • Slack: if your plan includes it, you can reach out directly to Meya support engineers