Organizes users and assign permissions using teams

A team is a group of Meya users who share the same set of permissions. With teams, you can ensure users have just the right amount of access.

Here are some teams you might want to create:

  • An Admin team that can invite users and manage their permissions.
  • A Contributor team that has read/write access to all apps.
  • A Project X team that has read/write access only for apps related to a specific project.
  • A Viewer team that can read all apps to help troubleshoot issues, but doesn't have permission to read or modify secrets in the vault.


Default teams

The Admin and Contributor teams described above are available by default in your account. Keep reading to learn how to create new teams.


Creating, modifying, and deleting teams requires the Admin permission set. If you don't have this permission set, contact your account's admin to request the team modifications you need.


For each team, you can configure account-level permissions as well as app-level permissions. In this section, we'll take a look at both types of permissions.

Account permissions

Account permissions determine whether a team member can create, view, modify, or delete apps, teams, and team members, as well as manage billing for your account.

ViewerThe user can view apps, but not create or modify them. The user cannot manage teams, team members, or billing.
ContributorThe user can create and modify apps, but cannot manage teams, team members, or billing.
AdminThe user can create and modify apps, and can manage teams, team members, and billing.

App permissions

App-level permissions give you fine-grained control over what team members can see and modify.

For example, you may want to give a team view-only permissions at the account level, admin access to their project's development apps, view access to their project's production app, and no access to other apps.

No accessThe user won't be able to access the app at all, and the app will not appear in the list when they view the Apps page.
Viewer access (Default)The user can view app code, but cannot modify code or the vault.
Contributor accessThe user can view and modify app code and the vault.
Admin accessThe user can view and modify app code and the vault, and can delete the app.

Creating a team

To create a team, navigate to your account's Teams page.

  1. Click your profile image in the top right corner of the console, then click Account.

Navigate to your account.

  1. From the left-hand menu, select Teams. Click the Create team button.

The Teams page.

  1. Give the team a name and select the appropriate account-level permission set. Click Create.

Creating a read-only team.

  1. Once the team has been created, you'll be able to define app-level permissions.

In this example, a user assigned to this team would have read-only access to the production app, full admin access to the development app, and no access to other apps.


Setting app-level permissions.

Adding a team member


This section is about adding users to teams, not adding users to your Meya account.

To find out how to invite new users to your Meya account, check out this guide.

Once you've created a team, you can add team members to it. Here's how.

  1. Navigate to the team's page and click Add team member.

Select a user from the drop-down menu, and click Add.


Select a user to add to the team.

The user now appears in the Team members list:



Being a member of more than one team

A user can belong to more than one team. Assigning users to multiple teams means you can give them the perfect combination of permissions.


Conflicting permission sets

When a user is a member of multiple teams, less restrictive permissions override more restrictive permissions. Here is an example:

Team A allows Viewer access to App X.
Team B allows Admin access to App X.

A user who is a member of both teams will have Admin access to App X.


This user belongs to three teams.

Removing a team member

To remove a user from a team, navigate to the team's management page and click the Remove button next to the user's name.



Removing a team member vs removing an account user

Don't confuse the Remove button on the Team Members page with the Remove button on a team's management page.

The Remove button on the the Team Members page removes the user from the Meya account altogether, not just a team.

If you accidentally remove a user from your account, you'll need to issue them a new invite.

Deleting a team

To delete a team, navigate to your account's Teams page and click the Delete button next to the team you want to delete.


Deleting a team from the Teams page.

Alternate method

An alternate method is to open the team, and choose Delete from the Actions drop-down menu.



Users who belong to one team

If a user belongs to only one team and that team is deleted, the user will be removed from your Meya account.

Before deleting a team, review the team members and make sure users who only belong to that team are reassigned to another team, if necessary.

If you accidentally remove a user from your account, you'll need to issue them a new invite.