This integration elements handles all incoming and outgoing events to and
from Zendesk Support. It contains all the configuration properties needed
to connect to Zendesk Support. Follow the instructions in the
Zendesk Support integration setup guide
to configure this integration.

Element details

type: meya.zendesk.support.integration
class: ZendeskSupportIntegration
path: /meya/zendesk/support/integration/integration.py
signature: -


fielddescription               requiredsignaturedefaulttype
specOverride the original spec for this element.nullSpec
enabledEnables the integration, allowing it to process events and HTTP/WS entries.truebool
filterThis allows you to specify any valid GridQL query to filter incoming requests/events and outgoing requests/events.rx_sub: true
rx: true
tx: "\nmeya.event.entry.interactive\nOR meya.csp.event\nOR meya.button.event.click\n
OR meya.form.event.submit\n"
tx_pub: true
rx_unhandled_ticket: false
verify_tokenThe token to be verified for each incoming request. You need to add the verify_token=YOUR_TOKEN query parameter to integration's webhook URL.nullstr
max_attachment_sizeControls maximum attachment size supported by the integration in bytes.nullint
markdownThe markdown features that are supported by this integration. Check the Markdown guide for more info.falselist
typingWhen set to false, all typing indicators received by the integration will be ignored.truebool
avatarcrop: circle
transcriptcount: 25
user_prefix: user
bot_prefix: bot
agent_prefix: agent
note_prefix: 📝
subdomainThe subdomain of your Zendesk instance. You'll find this in the actual URL of your Zendesk instance e.g. https://subdomain.zendesk.com/str
bot_agent_emailThe email address of the Zendesk user you created to represent the bot agent. All API calls the integration makes will use this user's Zendesk API token.str
bot_agent_api_tokenThe API token of the user you created to represent the bot agent.str
target_passwordThe target password you generated. This is used by the integration to authenticate incoming Zendesk Support webhooks.str
auto_reopen_ticketThis automatically reopens the linked ticket, if the ticket is in either the 'pending', 'hold' or 'solved' state, and the user sends a new event e.g. a say event or an image event. This setting can either be 'True/False' or it can be a specific thread mode, so when the thread enters this mode and the user sends a new event, then the linked ticket will be reopened."agent"bool
unlink_ticket_statusThe set of Zendesk Support ticket statuses that will unlink the Meya thread from the ticket. When the Meya thread is unlinked, then the integration will no longer send events to Zendesk Support.["closed"]list
extract_html_linksThis will cause the integration to parse out any hyperlinks in an incoming ticket comment, and convert it to a markdown link that can be rendered by messaging integrations such as Orb or Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.truebool
include_text_with_mediaWhen set to 'True' the integration will create a Meya media event and use the ticket's comment as the media event's text when the comment has an attachment. When set to 'False' the comment text will appear as a separate Meya say event. This setting is only applicable for ticket comments that have an attachment e.g. an image or a file.falsebool
upload_attachmentsWhen set to 'True' the integration will upload all Meya media event files to your Zendesk Support instance instead of keeping it on the Meya CDN.truebool
api_timeoutThe time, in seconds, to wait for a response from the Zendesk Support API.5Real

Usage reference


type: meya.zendesk.support.integration
subdomain: STRING
bot_agent_email: STRING
bot_agent_api_token: STRING
target_password: STRING


type: meya.zendesk.support.integration
  type: STRING
  timeout: 123
  trigger_when: ANY
enabled: false
  rx_sub: STRING
  rx: STRING
  tx: STRING
  tx_pub: STRING
  rx_unhandled_ticket: STRING
verify_token: STRING
max_attachment_size: 123
  - format|linkify|breaks|typographer
typing: false
  crop: circle|square
agent_command_prefix: STRING
  count: 123
  user_prefix: STRING
  bot_prefix: STRING
  agent_prefix: STRING
  note_prefix: STRING
  name: full|first|first_initial|first_last_initial|first_initial_last_initial
    image: STRING
    crop: circle|square
    monogram: full|first|first_initial|first_last_initial|first_initial_last_initial
subdomain: STRING
bot_agent_email: STRING
bot_agent_api_token: STRING
target_password: STRING
auto_reopen_ticket: STRING
  - new|open|pending|hold|solved|closed
extract_html_links: false
include_text_with_media: false
upload_attachments: false
api_timeout: 123