Element details

type: meya.whatsapp.integration
class: WhatsAppIntegration
path: /meya/whatsapp/integration/integration.py
signature: -


fielddescription               requiredsignaturedefaulttype
specOverride the original spec for this element.nullSpec
enabledEnables the integration, allowing it to process events and HTTP/WS entries.truebool
filterSpecifies the GridQL to filter rx_sub, rx, tx, tx_pubentries. Check the integration filtering guidefor more info.rx_sub: true
rx: true
tx: true
tx_pub: true
verify_tokenThe token to be verified for each incoming request. You need to add the verify_token=YOUR_TOKEN query parameter to integration's webhook URL.nullstr
max_attachment_sizeControls maximum attachment size supported by the integration in bytes.nullint
account_sidTwilio project Account SID.str
auth_tokenTwilio project auth token. This field is being deprecated, switch to api_key_sid and api_key_secret as soon as possible. For more information, see https://www.twilio.com/console/project/api-keysnullstr
api_key_sidTwilio API Key SID. Access https://www.twilio.com/console/project/api-keys to manage API Keys.nullstr
api_key_secretTwilio API Key secret. Access https://www.twilio.com/console/project/api-keys to manage API Keys.nullstr
phone_numberTwilio active number for use with Meya. Note, this can also be a Message Service ID. For SMS/calls this will generally be a standard E.164 number e.g. +15554440000. For WhatsApp this needs to be a prefixed E.164 number e.g. whatsapp:+15554440000. For a message service, you just use the Message Service ID directly e.g. MGXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.nullstr
markdownThe markdown features that are supported by this integration. Check the Markdown guide for more info.falselist
typingWhen set to false, all typing indicators received by the integration will be ignored.truebool
extra_sms_status_eventsList of SMS events that you want to process. This is useful in case you need specific behaviours depending on the status of the message. For WhatsApp Integration the TwilioSmsSentEvent is changed to WhatsAppSentEvent for standard messages and WhatsAppSentTemplateEvent for template messages. For more information on WhatsApp template access: https://www.twilio.com/docs/whatsapp/tutorial/send-whatsapp-notification-messages-templates[]list
enable_rich_contentUse the Twilio Content API to render quick replies and list pickers in WhatsApp. Note, WhatsApp only allows a maximum of 3 quick replies for a message, therefore the integration will always truncate the set of Meya quick replies or buttons to the first 3 items.falsebool
list_picker_default_textThe default text for the list picker widget. This is only used if the ask property is not set in the ask button component."..."str
list_picker_default_button_textThe default button text for the list picker widget. This is only used if the label property is not set in the adk button component."Select"str

Usage reference


type: meya.whatsapp.integration
account_sid: STRING


type: meya.whatsapp.integration
  type: STRING
  timeout: 123
  trigger_when: ANY
enabled: false
  rx_sub: STRING
  rx: STRING
  tx: STRING
  tx_pub: STRING
verify_token: STRING
max_attachment_size: 123
account_sid: STRING
auth_token: STRING
api_key_sid: STRING
api_key_secret: STRING
phone_number: STRING
  - format|linkify|breaks|typographer
typing: false
  - accepted|queued|sending|sent|failed|delivered|undelivered|receiving|received|read
enable_rich_content: false
list_picker_default_text: STRING
list_picker_default_button_text: STRING