Element details

type: meya.twilio.integration.base
class: TwilioBaseIntegration
path: /meya/twilio/integration/
signature: -


fielddescription               requiredsignaturedefaulttype
specOverride the original spec for this element.nullSpec
enabledEnables the integration, allowing it to process events and HTTP/WS entries.truebool
filterSpecifies the GridQL to filter rx_sub, rx, tx, tx_pubentries. Check the integration filtering guidefor more info.rx_sub: true
rx: true
tx: true
tx_pub: true
verify_tokenThe token to be verified for each incoming request. You need to add the verify_token=YOUR_TOKEN query parameter to integration's webhook URL.nullstr
max_attachment_sizeControls maximum attachment size supported by the integration in bytes.nullint
account_sidTwilio project Account SID.str
auth_tokenTwilio project auth token. This field is being deprecated, switch to api_key_sid and api_key_secret as soon as possible. For more information, see
api_key_sidTwilio API Key SID. Access to manage API Keys.nullstr
api_key_secretTwilio API Key secret. Access to manage API Keys.nullstr
phone_numberTwilio active number for use with Meya. Note, this can also be a Message Service ID. For SMS/calls this will generally be a standard E.164 number e.g. +15554440000. For WhatsApp this needs to be a prefixed E.164 number e.g. whatsapp:+15554440000. For a message service, you just use the Message Service ID directly e.g. MGXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.nullstr

Usage reference


type: meya.twilio.integration.base
account_sid: STRING


type: meya.twilio.integration.base
  type: STRING
  timeout: 123
  trigger_when: ANY
enabled: false
  rx_sub: STRING
  rx: STRING
  tx: STRING
  tx_pub: STRING
verify_token: STRING
max_attachment_size: 123
account_sid: STRING
auth_token: STRING
api_key_sid: STRING
api_key_secret: STRING
phone_number: STRING